About Us


Our mission is to pass the Minnesota Health Plan through grassroots organizing and by supporting candidates who demonstrate a commitment to single-payer health care.

Pass MHP will endorse, support, and campaign for candidates who demonstrate a commitment to the single-payer MHP.  We will be getting together to phonebank, doorknock, contribute, organize rallies, and take other actions to support these candidates.  Pass MHP will also work with and build on the lobbying and educational efforts of the existing health care groups in Minnesota.  Pass MHP has been formed as a separate organization in order to have the ability to directly endorse candidates and influence elections.

Our goals are:

  •      To endorse and support candidates who are strong on the Minnesota Health Plan;
  •      To recruit and turn out single-payer supporters to volunteer for Pass MHP candidates;
  •      To raise awareness and support for the Minnesota Health Plan across the state; and
  •      To raise money to support Pass MHP efforts.

Passing the MHP will be a tough battle—insurance companies will fight this legislation tooth and nail.  However, history has proved time and again, that when individuals come together in a common cause for progress, ultimately, we prevail.  Join here! Together we will deliver this fair, sustainable, secure health plan to Minnesota.