Board of Directors

The current Board of Directors was elected in January 2014:

Chuck Sawyer, Chair
Jay Damberg, Secretary-Treasurer
Geri Katz
Alex Eaton
Erin Anderson
Renate Hohman
Megan Gavin
Joel Clemmer
Don Pylkkonen

Pass the Minnesota Health Plan
Adopted August 20, 2012
The name of this organization shall be Pass the Minnesota Health Plan (PassMHP).

The mission of the organization is to pass the Minnesota Health Plan through grassroots organizing and by supporting candidates who demonstrate a commitment to the Minnesota Health Plan.


Section 1. General Member.  General Members shall include any person who agrees with the mission of the organization and signs up with any outreach tool of the organization, including, but not limited to, the organization’s website or Facebook page, a membership sign-up sheet or verbal request.

Section 2. Voting Member.  Voting Members shall include General Members that 1) have paid their annual dues, if any, 2) has been a General Member for at least 15 days, and 3) has attended at least one organization event in the last 18 months, including a board meeting, committee meeting or volunteer event.


Section 1. The Governing Body. The Governing Body is composed of Voting Members.

Section 2. Governing Body Meetings. The Governing Body shall meet at least annually. A meeting may be called by the Chair, four members of the Board or ten Voting Members.  Notice shall be made at least ten days in advance using forms of communication that are customary in the organization.

Section 3. Governing Body Function. The Governing Body may elect Officers and Board Members with majority vote and amend bylaws with 60% vote.  Officer and Board Member elections shall be on the agenda for each Governing Body Meeting.


Section 1. Term. The term of all officers and board members shall be between elections for each respective position.

Section 2. Chair Organization may elect 1 or more chairs.  Co-Chair responsibilities include providing leadership for the organization, calling and running board meetings, raising money and acting as spokesperson.

Section 3. Secretary-Treasurer Responsibilities.  Secretary-Treasurer responsibilities include assisting the Chair, maintaining records of organization’s funds, understanding legal requirements of the state, file required reports with the state and assume duties of the Chair when the Chair is unable to fulfill his/her duties.


Section 1. Composition. The Board shall be composed of the officers and up to eight additional members.

Section 2. Role. The Board may perform or delegate the following activities: 1) establish organization budget and spending guidelines, 2) elect vacant Officer or Board positions, 3) amend the bylaws by unanimous consent, subject to provision in Bylaw IV Section 4, 4) establish committees, 5) establish membership dues, 6) define specific Board Member positions, 7) hire paid staff, 8 ) act as a nominating committee for upcoming organization elections, 9) endorse candidates for public office, 10) make contributions to candidates or PACs on behalf of the organization.

Section 3. Meetings.  Board meetings may be called by the Chair, Secretary-Treasurer or any two Board Members.

Section 4. Business.  The Board may make decisions by majority vote at a Board Meeting or by written or electronic consent by a majority of Board Members.